Maam Sy


Health Advocate & National Lecturer

“The three days stay here was so wonderful, very amazing and relaxing.”

“Before anything else I want to say thank you for having such wonderful bosses Dok Ed, Madam Neng, Madam Soling and the rest of the Management Team. Especially to Dok Ed and Madam Neng for seeing what is lacking in us and what are the things that we need in order to improve us physically, emotionally and spiritually most of all in the financial aspect.”

“Thank you Dok Ed and Madam Neng for this wonderful reward. Before, every time I encounter even a small problem I easily get nervous. Sometimes my nerve is shaking and I can feel that there’s something that is moving inside my stomach. But now even if I encounter problems I feel more relaxed and confident.”

“For three days of staying here, what I really observed that improved for myself is that my problems with constipation as a result I have more sufficient sleep now. The three days cleansing is not enough actually but it helped me a lot in order to think good things that is much better than before. Feeling relaxed and I am having a very good sleep therefore for me it’s a total rejuvenation.”

“For me, I am totally entertained and pleased. It’s more than what I really expected. The food is great and we were accommodated well by all the staff. The hotel is very nice. The experience, learning especially for the financial, spiritual, emotional and mental and everything was totally enhanced.”

“I want to recommend everyone to experience this wonderful activity of rejuvenation program here in Dok Alternatibo which is really different from others. This is not about the spiritual or religious belief but this one focuses more on the improvement of spiritual, mental, emotional and financial aspects of our lives which is very important.”

“I want to encourage everyone to attend this kind of activity and experience the rejuvenation because this will not only help you to improve but this is also effective in applying for our family, kids and friends and even to our co-workers to help them to become a good leader not to become a leader alone when handling a group but to act as a leader all the time. So, thank you Dok Ed and Madam Neng for bearing in mind what precisely is our need in order to improve all aspects of our lives.”

“I would like to say thank you to all the organizers: Jonica, Roland, Marvin, Niknok and to the staff of the restaurant for their efforts that they have given to us. To all the staff in Prime Salon and Prime Massage thanks so much to all of you. We became more comfortable because of your good services. We are like King and Queen.  This is really amazing. Thank you so much for being a part of this wonderful activity here in Dok Alternatibo we value it a lot.”