Note: All the testimonial experiences shared here have been displayed here only after written consent of our patients. Our policy does not allow us to use any patient’s name, photos or video without permission.

  Dr. Reyna L. Amba, PhD., School Principal, Malaybalay Bukidnon Kidney Failure“Last November 8, 2010 I was diagnosed that I have a problem in my Kidney since during my first ultrasound the description of the laboratory test result according to my Medical Doctor was that my left kidney is not functioning or simply not inside me – “No architectural design seen at the left kidney, no urine collection at the left” this is according to my laboratory test that is why I undergone medication right away. But as days goes by I noticed that my illness became more complicated and my body was getting weaker and weaker each day. Luckily I found out about Dok Alternatibo, someone referred me here and introduced me to their way of medication and I followed their Healing Formula loyally that is why I am very healthy today! Dok Alternatibo is the only key to my total healing I would like to extend my gratefulness to all the people who are behind of this.”
  Mr. Cipriano Official, Senior Police Officer 4, Pangasinan – Gall Bladder Stone“I undertake an ultrasound test and the Medical Doctor find out that I have a stone in my Gall Bladder that’s why he recommended me to undergo an operation to prevent risky circumstances but I refused to follow his recommendation because I do not wanted to be operated that’s why we find an alternative medication that do not need to undergo any kind of operation. Luckily a good friend of mine who use to listened radio heard about Dok Alternatibo we gave it a try and followed the formula given to me and within a week of taking I noticed that the ache in my stomach was already gone that’s why I continue taking and following it and now can testify that I was really cured here in Dok Alternatibo because when I undergone another ultra sound test the result was already negative from having a stone in gall bladder before. I am loyal believer of Dok Alternatibo.”
  Mrs. Hilda de Guzman-Caasi, Government Employee, Dagupan City – Breast Cancer“My breast was operated because I used to have a breast cancer stage VI I undergone chemotherapy last June 2012 and I finished the six sessions but even after that my condition became more severe because my body became much weaker. Gladly my sister used to know someone who already tried the alternative medicines here in Dok Alternatibo and we went to the nearest Clinic right away and followed the Formula that they recommended to me that is why I am very much health now no more Chemo Therapy since I will serve as the living proof that I was totally healed here in Dok Alternatibo.”
Arthuro “Boy” Mendoza, City Councilor, Toledo Cebu City – Hypertension and Heart Enlargement“For two (2) years I maintain synthetic medicines for my heart and three (3) years for my hypertension because my Medical Doctor recommended me to maintain all these medicines but unfortunately I was not cured from my illnesses. When I heard about Dok Alternatibo over the radio I listened well and tried to follow their Healing Formula within 7 days this required me not to eat rice and I just continue following it and I noticed that I am not craving for rice anymore and I can feel that my body become much healthier that’s why I just continue and now my Blood Pressure is normal already and the medicines that I maintained for my the enlargement of heart is now totally gone thank you Dok Alternatibo.”
Normita Tiongco, Housewife – Diabetes“I am diabetic and I felt very weak everyday. I once told my husband that maybe I would bid farewell to you because I am not getting better each day. You know what, maybe my husband felt pity on me that one day he said to me “ma, get dressed there is something we will attend to”. I have no idea where he’s going to take me but one thing I remember he said “trust me and you will surely like it there”. So, I realized my husband took me here at Dok Alternatibo.I took the Formula of Dok Alternatibo, just faithfully following the formula. Of course, I trust first of all the power of our Almighty Father and second in Dok Alternatibo.I firmly believe that Dok Alternatibo is very effective that is why if you have illnesses, I encourage you to come and try their formula. There is something I want to share, every time I meet an acquaintance especially when he/she is ill, I always refer them to Dok Alternatibo and often told him/her that he/she will get healed provided that the formula is strictly followed.”
Patient Virginia Lagarde, ACLC Franchise OwnerHypertension“I undergone the Cleansing and Natural Healing Formula of Dok Alternatibo and even until now I am not taking anymore any kind of synthetic medicines for I know that it will not heal me totally. I even use naturally made beauty products because any kind of synthetic products will just harm and cause disease to our body.”“I am encouraging everyone to use Dok Alternatibo Formula in order to have a healthy and long-lasting living.”
Erlinda Carbonera, Housewife – Hypertension and Heart Problem“It has been sixteen long years since I started my maintenance of synthetic drugs for my Hypertension and Heart problem. I have tried assorted medicines but I never reached the good health I expected because I never felt ease and comfort. Unfortunately, I experienced deafness, irritable and other side effects due to my constant usage of synthetic drugs. I almost lose my hope and think I will never be cured anymore.”   “One morning, while listening to my transistor radio, I heard Dok Alternatibo radio program and on that moment I have thought of going to their clinic together with a friend of mine. I immediately submit myself into a consultation to a resident Doctor of Natural Healing and he recommended me a Cleansing and Detoxification Formula of Dok Alternatibo.”   “The next day, I faithfully applied what the Doctor has recommended me; a cleansing. After a week of following the formula, I immediately noticed the beneficial effect of cleansing in my physique. The constant feeling of headache was gone even the frequent weakness of my body. I am now energetic; I am no longer irritable and no more deafness. Above all my Heart problem has been resolved and my blood pressure goes back to normal. I never imagine that because of my obedience in following the Formula of Dok Alternatibo, my health problem was resolved.   “Thus, I saved some amount of money which was spent before for my maintenance drugs. I have witnessed the Livelihood Program of Dok Alternatibo that is why I decided to become a member together with my children and now we are enjoying the benefits of being a member in their Livelihood Program. What can I say, I am now earning after I was healed.”
Vilma Brusola, Housewife (Negros Occidental) – Bad Breathe and Heart Problem“I have this health problem for quite some time. Back when I was younger, I am very shy in mingling or communicating with other people because of my bad breath. Before, I had a very weak heart, I could easily get tired and unable to carry even a pale of water. But one day, someone had spoken to me things about Dok Alternatibo and it’s advocacy.”  “There was a time when I realized to stop by the clinic and undergone free check-up and consultation with there in-house Doctor of Ministry in Natural Healing (DMNH). I was informed that I had colon problem and stone in one of my organ. The Doctor recommended me to undergo a 7 days Cleansing and Detoxification Program of Dok Alternatibo.”   “After my seven days of treatment, I immediately felt sudden change in my physique, which I  am really thanking for. My bad breath problem (Halitosis) has gone and surprisingly I could carry even two pales of water because of my unbelievable strength these days. Even my muscle pains, cramps and what not, including the weakness in my heart were totally gone. I must admit, at first, I struggled to cope up with the process of Cleansing program because there are lots of foods that I need to avoid.But all of my sacrifices were totally worthwhile for I am now happy to tell everyone that even my youngest child, a seven years old  that he never drink any other milk but only B-Complex. I could say that my son is now totally healthy, strong and alert.”