I am Augustus Ceasar Galaraga, 26years old, a Registered Nurse for more than 4 years recently living here in Valencia Bukidnon.

Before, at the age of 22, I was diagnosed to have a Traces of Kidney Stones in both of my left and right kidneys. At first, I am likely the same as most of the people thinks for the first time they’ve  heard of Dok Alternatibo, that this is “maybe” not True, since they are only using Herbal Medicines yet they are claiming that all degenerative diseases’ can be cured in 7 Days as long as you follow their Dok “F” formula.

It sounds unreal right? That’s what I think at first too, but, as I have seen more and more people get the cured that they are seeking for I told to myself how did they made that kind of miracle. I heard over the radio that they will conduct a Grand Healing Seminar in Digos City, I did not hesitate to attend. And it was worth it! That is the time I learned about how we get the diseases we are experiencing nowadays that are very different than what I’ve learned during my Studies for conventional medicines it is really the opposite.

That is the time I have realized the importance of Cleansing and Detoxification Formula that Dok Alternatibo are using not only for those who are sick, but even for those who want to stay healthy especially those who are practicing unhealthy Lifestyle like me before. I am always relying on synthetic medication, but still, I haven’t gained the total wellness that I am seeking, instead, I am experiencing other symptoms brought about by the Synthetic Medications that I am taking.

When I started the 7 days Cleansing and Detoxification Formula of Dok Alternatibo, during the first 3 days I already experienced an obvious changes and improvement in my health status. My flank pain is gone, I have no problems during my urination anymore, and I feel more energetic than ever before.

After 7 days, I am amazed of the results! All the symptoms that I am experiencing are gone, and as I have my urine examined as well as the Ultrasound of my Kidneys, there were no traces of kidney stones left! I am really amazed. It’s been about 2 years now and I am still an avid costumer of Dok Alternatibo, not only me, but also my family and most of my relatives. That is why I am encouraging all of those who are like me or those who are having the same sickness as mine to try and visit the nearest Dok Alternatibo Clinic in your area and if you are still doubtful, ask for the Schedule for the Healing Seminars and learn for yourself the wonders of Natural Healing

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