Melano Regis – Retired Teacher

I am Melanio Regis, 69 years old, retired Teacher and a resident of Pacol, Naga City. I was maintaining synthetic medicines for a long time because of my Rayuma, Gout, Highblood and Diabetes and I want this to stop so I went here in Dok Alternatibo. My friend Mrs.Lydia Grearte – member of Dok Alternatibo introduced the Dok Alternatibo Healing products to me.

I also heard Dok Alternatibo over the radio which convinced me more to try these alternative medicines.   I am so thankful because the Cleansing and Detoxification Program of Dok Alternatibo restored my health. For now, I don’t take synthetic drugs anymore I am only maintaining the herbal medicines of Dok Alternatibo and I am also avoiding all foods that can harm and affect my health. I am so thankful for the goodness the Dok Alternatibo given to me. I am inviting those people who have the same disease like mine to try the products of Dok Alternatibo for i know you will truly restore your health naturally.