Tex Tandingan


Father of X-Factor Champion KZ Tandingan

“Thank you for the invitation. For me, this is a very special occasion.”

“Dok Ed was my neighbour for 8 years before. Actually I did not expect for anything because I do not know yet Dok Alternatibo. I only heard it from the radio and watch it on TV but I was not actually serious watching it.”

“Somebody invited me here to attend the rejuvenation seminar so I came here. I don’t have any learning about the products but the time that I heard it I was really amazed because of the testimonies that I heard from others. My expectation had changed. I thought I came here just to attend and have great meals because it’s anniversary. I thought it was just a party. I was caught by surprise.”

“Speaking of psychological, the things that I learnt according to Dok Ed our words that come out from our mouth will truly happen in our lives. Words are powerful. Anything you say has power. I now understand and think about the reason why Dok Ed was very successful.”

“My observation to him, he started by his spiritual belief. His messages are from the bible. I believe that is the reason why he became victorious all the way.”

“His foundation is Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all his righteousness and all the things shall be added unto you this what happened to Dok Ed he putted his trust and all things to God first.”

“All the things in this world do not exist if there’s no God. We can do nothing without God. We are only a caretaker and because of the faith of Dok Ed to God all the words spoken by his mouth came true.”

“The three things the he shared in the rejuvenation seminar like the MIND, BODY & SOUL. He was guided by the Holy Spirit not only for himself but also for all his products.”

“About our eating lifestyle, actually I was surprised what Dok Ed told us during rejuvenation seminar because usually that is our practice we adopted it from our ancestors which was wrong because he had introduce a healthy lifestyle.”

“I learnt that in the morning I must be breaking the fast so it should be water only and some fruits. I undergone check-up the other week and the Doctor found out that I am lack of water in my body. I was extremely surprised because I know I must drink plenty of water. I am not really used to drink plenty of water. Now what Dok Ed shared to us I am going to use it. Tomorrow we will have a fun run and I have Fulvic Minerals here so I can use this tomorrow with my water. Actually I am ready to participate for fun run now because I have with me my singlet.”

“Base on my observation spiritually to Dok Ed I can feel that the spirit of God is with him by the way he spoke. You can compare to other people who don’t have God in their lives. Every time he spoke, he gave a line from the word of God in the Bible. He really glorified God by all his words. He made God as the center of his business. He acknowledges God who is the source of all things in this world.”

“I would like to greet Dok Ed for his 7th year of successful celebration with Dok Alternatibo. I am hoping for many years of celebration will come to Dok Alternatibo not only in ASIA but it should spread out across all nations in the world for the people to become healthy. I really believe the advocacy of Dok Alternatibo. It is right that all people must experience the excellent benefits about Dok Alternatibo. I must use the products of Dok Alternatibo together with my family.”