Body cleansing and detoxification discourages almost all of us. This means sacrifice and a huge effort. It is easy to cleanse and detoxify when temptations do not bother us, but today, anywhere you look and listen there will always be the unhealthy foods that make our mouths drool and our body weak and frail. 7 days’ cleansing and detoxification program of Dok Alternatibo means sacrificing from eating white rice, processed foods, chemical-laden food and drinks and in just 7 days all your sacrifices will be paid off. This is the shortest time to change your taste buds and reprogram your body and it is made easy as all the products you need is set in 1 pack. With the right motivation and attitude, your body can be totally cleansed and detoxified. No need to spend thousands, as we also see to it that this can be made accessible and affordable to ordinary Filipinos. Visit our nearest Dok Alternatibo Center in your place and read more insights at or contact 0922-684-9925.