This is it! The most awaited and exciting day for all of us; the Grand Launching of DOK A HOT & COLD TECHNOLOGY RESORT. Are you excited?  Do you want to feel the instant relaxation, entertainment, nourishment, and therapy that you had never experienced before? Tomorrow, April 8, 2017 is the BIG DAY! You will definitely experience the very amazing, unique, incomparable, and unforgettable fun, leisure, health, and adventure that suitable for you and your whole family, and friends!

But first let us discover the secret why we need to soak our body in hot and cold water? Soaking in warm water is ultimately very relaxing for your muscles which allow better functioning throughout the rest of your day. It relieves stress and depression, fights cancer, strengthens mental health, relieves arthritis, and a lot of health benefits. On the other hand, soaking in cold water boosts your metabolism and blood circulation, increases happy hormones, improves libido and fertility, exfoliates skin, and fortifies immune system. In fact, after a day of your wonderful swimming experience, you will leave the place with satisfaction that you will think of coming over again and again.

Well, fascination doesn’t suffice in swimming, because you will serve with unlimited healthy drinks and foods sweetened with beautiful smiles of the approachable receptionists.  You are also captivated with the heart-touching healing music, amazing views, hydrotherapy pools, and many other delights that you will surely love. This is the healthiest place, the no.1 fun capital of the South that makes your day complete…only here at Dok A Hot & Cold Technology Resort, located at Tiguman, Digos City, Davao del Sur! Perfect for the whole family not only for this summer, but for all season. So, dive now and enjoy a HEALTHY life! Join with us in this fabulous celebration…. Everybody is invited!!!