real state

By: Clovis JL Sabornido

Try to roam around the heart of a highly urbanized city in the Philippines like Manila, Makati, Quezon City or Davao City, you will be amazed of the giant buildings and structures around and how wonderful these edifices were constructed amidst the busy business environment including its great landscapes. Much more if you’ve visited London, Singapore or New York?

When confronted with such situation, a real estate practitioner considers unique opportunities behind it, different from how an environmentalist, a health practitioner, a broadcaster, a professor or a politician sees it. If, over and above development, an environmentalist emphasizes preservation, health maintenance for health practitioners, information and transparency for a    media person, wisdom and purpose for a professor or image, legacy, “kick-back???” for politicians, business is in the mind of a real estate person.

But it’s not only business. A real estate professional, those who practice with appropriate license as far as I am concern, welcomes business opportunities on real estate industry without jeopardizing environment ethics, health priorities, honesty and fair practice, essence and purpose of the project and social responsibility. Above all, real estate professionals should be made aware that its GOD who made all things including land, buildings, landscapes and improvements thereat and that we are given the privilege to manage over it with accountability.

Recently, we were saddened of the effects of the “killer earthquake” that hit Cebu and Bohol last October 15, 2013 and damaged billions of pesos of real properties from historical sites and tourists destinations to some hundred-old religious structures.

The complexities of the world including the fact of disaster open a door for real estate vocation, thus, it is not a mere profession, or occupation or business line, it is a VOCATION – a call to serve fairly, honestly and sincerely. Accountability and responsibility should be the keywords to take note of.

While other people (practicing with or without license) are making “monkey” business out of it, majority of its professionals in the said field are doing it very legitimately. While we are aware that real estate industry is one of the pillars of economy aside from the fact that it’s a booming profession, every practitioner should always consider that it is foremost a CALL.

Let’s all serve and help.