Our body has the amazing ability to heal itself if we supply the right foods and healthy drinks. According to health expert there are some cancerous cells that are formed in our body everyday, however, it can possibly kills through the process known opoptosis. But there are instances that cancer cells skip to be destroyed in this process for different reasons, and these cells will multiply and form into cancerous tumors.

However, there are certain natural foods that will keep our body strong and fight against cancer. And these foods should be eaten regularly to suppress the growth of cancer cells. Tomatoes are one of the wonderful natural foods that have impressive health benefits. These are packed with antioxidants and are rich source of vitamin A, C, lycopene, and folic acid.Tomatoes also contain phytonutrient known as alpha-tomatine that fights cancer cells, it has also the ability to activate opoptosis or programmed cell death that can kill cancer cells especially in the prostate.  According to American Cancer Society, people who have diets rich in tomatoes have a lower risk of certain cancers like lung cancer, prostate cancer, and stomach cancer. Other benefits of tomatoes include: prevent constipation, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, eye and skin problem, and depression.

Indeed, tomatoes provide us the best nutrition and powerful health benefits to keep our body strong, energetic, and disease free, and most of all it help us combat the formation of free radicals that can cause cancer. For more information about health visit our website www.dokalternatibo.org