The long wait is over, a unique, classy and one of a kind resort is now in Davao! Dok A Hot and Cold Resort offers family-friendly escapade. With our existing packages for family, group or solo traveller, you can now avail the most exciting adventure that stands out. First, our activated charcoal and Dead Sea-like pools are the best for health, no chemicals, only minerals in nutrients to detoxify and cleanse your body. Our list of health benefits can be narrowed down to stress reliever, fights migraine and inflammation, gets you rid of backpain, swelling, arthritis, and skin problems. You also get to experience the Dead Sea in the Philippines through technology and mineral control of water we brought the famous Dead Sea for you. Our scenic ambiance and majestic views get you mesmerized. Either you want picture-perfect adventure or soul-searching, Dok A Hot and Cold Technology Resort is your ultimate travel choice! Reserve now through +63 907 737 8611 and visit our website for more!