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The exercise of our Constitutional Right to Suffrage which we actually do as we vote during elections is so costly. The intent and purpose was so noble, exercise of one’s right, but the cost behind it is unimaginable. Billions of pesos were allocated and spent just to prove that Filipinos are Free and to the world that we accord each one his Rights.

Indeed, Freedom is priceless and exercise of rights is valueless. But for more than five hundred years that the country has existed and its government established, Filipinos cannot anymore feel of the price of freedom and the value of their rights once fought for by our heroes.

What are the usual concerns of common Filipinos today? Food, shelter, clothing, basic education and modernization. Every Juan dela Cruz has to comply with those requirements daily just to survive. The fruits of our votes from leaders entrusted with our trust are not anymore tangible and responsive to people’s needs. The Philippines remain a poor country even until now despite the fact that politicians exhausted millions of pesos during campaign and congress and courts investigate on how billions of pork barrel money were maliciously disbursed.

The author is worried. There is absolutely something wrong along the way. Can we shift gears? We can only elect to national office those who are capable, competent, transparent and pro god. Can we just appoint local leaders based on merit and fitness? We do away with cost, while we improve and streamline effective and efficient leadership.

I believe there is still a need to expand the horizon of our nationalism and sense of freedom. It should not jeopardize hope and survival. It should be fair.

We are all created Good and in all opportunities, we should be treated fairly.

This is not only my task. This should be an assignment to be done from the President down to the lowest in ranks of government, to the religious sector, to social sector and to everybody who desires, for so long time now, that for one’s life to be happy, we should be free.