According to Robert Louis Stevenson: “If you believe in God would there be any more room for terror? If you are sure that God, in the long run, means kindness by you, you should be happy.” Dok Alternatibo Group of companies accepts everyone in the family regardless of age, gender, beliefs and religion and who sticks their belief on our Creator up above.

Despite inevitable success, Dok Alternatibo Group of Companies believes that no matter what things that you already achieved the faith and humbleness should still remain in you as a reminder to everyone that our lives, knowledge and whatever that we have today were just borrowed from our creator and we should served as an instrument to his will for the goodness of others.

As a reminder of this every Monday, employees of Dok Alternatibo will always gather in the activity area of the Research and Development Foundation Building in Digos City for the reflection and discussion of everyone’s belief. Recently after having the Catholic as the host for the past two weeks of prayer meeting last May 22, 2012 the Iglesia ni Cristo hosted the said event and for the next week another religion will host the said prayer meeting conducted by Dok Alternatibo. During the prayer meeting everyone is welcome to ask question or reflect with their daily or past experiences for the benefits of others. As long as you believe and you have fear in God the door of Dok Alternatibo will always be opened for you.

Dok Alternatibo’s success was not just a credit from the natural products and advocacy that it shared globally but it is from the faith and goodness that comes from within of individual who is already a part of it. Sticking unto your faith is one way of staying to be on the right track. Dok Alternatibo is encouraging everyone to join its crusade and be always on the right track upon helping one another all over the world.

Pictures taken during the Weekly Prayer Meeting: