It is another opportunity to Ilonggo people that Dok Alternatibo Iloilo branch conducted their Grand Healing Seminar last Wednesday, April 09, 2013 at their respective clinic Door 2 of Antonano Building 21 EL 98 Street Jaro, Iloilo City. The said seminar was headed by Dok  Rommel Maraya DMNH of Tacloban City branch with the dedicated support coming from Dok  Joseph Junifer Buytrago, DMNH, Reshiel Tagarda, NHC, Marilyn Joy Acope, LI and two trainee of Iloilo clinic and of course with the presence of the beloved members and survivors of the said branch.

The program started with the prayer of Sister Nelly Jimenez one of the active member followed with the Philippine National Anthem.While having the seminar Prime FM Digos (live) having a phone patch to Dok Joseph interviewing about the happenings of the said event and one of the members Miss Perla Palitoc active herbal member share her testimony to Prime FM Digos Live telecast.During lunch time all participants enjoyed eating the nutritious potato-toge salad (potato, toge, carrots, saging sab-a, garlic, onion, tomatoes, Dok F sea salt, Dok F wild honey, Dok F fulvic mineral and Dok F pre-mix) with a partner of boiled sweet potato.

Cleansing program of Dok Alternatibo is highly recommended to everyone even for well people since it will cleanse all toxins  chemicals, acids and many more causes of diseases that will help you restore once again the natural way of eliminating, digesting and assimilating nutrients in our body.