Dok Winston


Luzon Area Supervisor & DMNH

“During the first day, there was an adjustment because the usual thing that I do is giving protocols to our patients. It’s my first time to undergo cleansing with a total relaxation because of our hectic schedules. I realized that it’s difficult but as I continue everyday per day and hour was really good and amazing in our part. You know why? Because there’s really a lot of toxins inside our body that had been eliminated and flushed.  I felt the lightness especially in my body now.”

“During the first day, I had experienced the recovery already. I’ve gone through a healing crisis like our patients had gone through. I released the toxins from my body by vomiting. It’s all liquid because we haven’t taken any solid food.”

“During second day, I felt revitalized especially that I took food for the mind through the video presentations. As a whole I am very thankful to the management team especially to Madam Neng and Dok Ed.”

“The activity that I liked a lot was when we were pampered like in the salon; We were treated like a King. In the massage, all the staffs are very accommodating. For me this is the most beautiful experience that I had gone through.”

“I noticed the changes, there’s really a big difference in my body, mind and heart. We learned a lot from here. Our mind and heart are working together now. We were very particular in mind setting before.  But now I realized that it has to go with the heart first. We have to think and create with our mind and our heart in one. It should have a harmony.”

“To all the organizers especially to Dok Ed, from the start in Manila we had been together. I am so blessed to be with Dok Ed. Actually he already had given inputs starting from Manila down to Mindanao in the Prime Hotel which is very good.”

“I am amazed with the beauty of our amenities here and the rooms are so beautiful. Thank you!”