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“Before, there were blood discharges from my body and then I was checked up by a Doctor and after 10 days we learned the result and the Doctor wanted me to go back and schedule for operation because I had Cervical Cancer Stage I.”

“But my sister in law came home from Zamboangga and introduced me to Dok Alternatibo. She convinced me not to undergo any operation yet and try Dok Alternatibo healing treatment first. I am also afraid of having an operation too.”

“That is why we went here to try Dok Alternatibo. My sister-in-law told me there was a case in Dipolog where the health was restored from having a thyroid gland cancer who happened to be her classmate before. I went to the hospital last Monday because I already had a referral for admission, I only gave it to the nurse and I told them that I will decide after 1 week. They do not know I am here.”


“After having the cleansing within 7 days here in Dok Alternatibo they told me that I am already well. After 7 days I am very thankful that there is Dok Alternatibo Wellness Center who naturally heal diseases without undergoing any operation.”

“Just like me I was already scheduled for operation but I am here today very alive.  Thank you so much to Dok Alternatibo. Before going here there are so many things I feel about. Like dizziness, many water and blood were coming out from my body caused by the Cervical Cancer. When I already came here in the Wellness Center it disappear gradually and now I could not see any blood and water discharges anymore. I even felt back pain before but right now it’s gone already.”

“For those people who are suffering diseases instead of wasting time going elsewhere do not hesitate to come here in Dok Alternatibo. I already tested their formula and guarantee that we will restore our health.”

“I want to THANK YOU Dok Alternatibo for having this kind of Clinic. Thank you so much to the staff and everyone.