The full force of the tragedy started to develop upon them because the months and years glided by. The Filipino clergymen, often tragically ill prepared for his or her work, had little or no message save hatred of the friars. They couldn’t furnish that spiritual energy which was so badly needed to take the place of the pomp and ornateness with which religion had been related. The Filipinos are a kindly individuals and quickly uninterested in constant condemnation of the friars.

Mr. Arthur Prautch together with quite a few Filipinos held Protestant companies in six Roman Catholic churches in the metropolis of Manila which had been abandoned by the terrified friars. If the case had not been so conclusively confirmed by official information one may write pages of similar instances from nearly all elements of the Islands, exhibiting that the Island-wide rebellion was more anti-friar than antiSpanish. The hatred of the friars did not imply hatred of the Roman Catholic Church. In Leyte, which had never had any friars, and the place there had been no Jesuits for 100 and fifty years, however where all the churches had been under the Filipino clergy, there by no means was a break from Rome, and to this day Protestantism finds it virtually impossible to achieve a foothold.

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Since the dying of Bishop Nicolas Zamora on September 14, 1914, the church has remained about even in point of membership. Its present bishop, Rev. Victoriano Mariano and lots of of its pastors are religious, high-minded males. It is sad that the natural and wholesome tendency towards Filipinization could not have been effected with out this schism. In creed and group the two Methodist churches are identical, but the antagonism between mother and daughter church was so strong that they have been cited from Roman Catholic pulpits as examples of the evils of divisiveness among Protestants. “The discouraging function,” says the I914 Methodist Report, “is discovered within the prejudice planted in the mass of the individuals who do not attend church, which has made it harder to succeed in them than in other years.” Thirteen years have passed because the founding of the brand new church, and the bitterness of former days has progressively cooled.

Every different Mission within the Philippines should observe this example. The Christian Mission has strongly emphasized social service. It has three hospitals and three fantastic concrete dormitories in Manila, Laoag, and Vigan. UNLOCKING THE FORBIDDEN BOOK 165 missionaries arrived, the younger man was already preaching in seven completely different places. One of the followers of the elder Zamora, named Domingo Nocum, hid his beloved Testament beneath a bridge so as to put it aside from the looking parties; whereas a girl named Mrs. Pabalan used to close herself in her room and provides hours every day to the research of the Bible. An aged Filipino at Bukal, Tayabas, one way or the other received hold of a Bible during the Spanish regime. Knowing that he was in peril of being found, he stored his beloved book buried in a subject and skim it by candle-mild at evening.

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There have, to make certain, been uprisings from the beginning, as there at all times shall be in despotic lands, however in the course of the first three centuries they are of comparatively little importance. Magellan is the first to learn that the Filipinos can strike again-it costs him his life.

Persecution is not the policy of the trendy priesthood from Europe and America, but unhappily the spirit of inquisition does not disappear in two decades. One encounters reviews of actually thousands of persecutions, a few of them tragic, some of them simply annoying. They aren’t nice, and the reader could choose to turn at once to the subsequent chapter. To omit these persecutions totally would be to ignore probably the most omnipresent truth which crowds the pages of the data-for all over the place Protestants have been, and nonetheless are, struggling for his or her religion. Let a dozen temporary accounts stand as kinds of uncounted multitudes who’re victims of fanaticism.

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They appeared to think the oppression was somewhat parallel, and even though they may not find a place flowing with honey and milk, but they decided to attempt it. When Rev. and Mrs. Frederick Jansen opened the Cebu Station, they found the ancient Spanish clergymen in almost absolute management. All the house owners of huge buildings were forbidden by the friars to rent a corridor in which Protestant services may be held, and the Jansens needed to hold their conferences within the basement of their very own home.

It is easier to talk about damming the flood than to do it, for the prize struggle is worthwhile business, and is backed “‘The Tragedy of Blind Imitation,” Jorge Bocobo in The National Forum,. MORAL REFORMS 399 contemplate the number of places licensed to sell. In 910o there were 25,969 licenses issued; in I9I8 86,941 licenses had been issued. We could think about the entire amount of distilled liquor produced in the Islands, leaving importations out of account for the second. Year distilled liquor produced I906 6,46I,949 litres 19I0 10,584,124 litres ,93I,402 litres The above statistics indicate that, as Dean Bocobo places it, “we are drinking two and one half instances as a lot robust liquor as we did in I906.” We might consider the worth of this product.

LAYMEN WHO HAVE MET THE TEST 281 those that curse them; yet, as one stands off and contemplates the Protestant churches, he sees that they have real reason to be grateful to their persecutors. They who passed through great tribulation have carried out much to give to the Church its spirituality. Long before the arrival of any Protestant missionaries the oppression of the traditional friars had ready the lots of the Filipinos for the Gospel. This is the explanation for the fact that “In the Iloilo district, earlier than our work had been in progress nine months, a doc signed by more than I3,ooo was delivered to the missionaries stating that the signers have been Protestants and wished to be evangelized, organized, and guarded as such.” four Instances of the fruits of ancient tyranny might fill volumes. With the appearance of American control it was to not be anticipated that a despotism which had existed for hundreds of years would loose its maintain without a battle.

Negotiations had been begun without delay and in I903, after much bargaining, the deal was completed by the purchase from the holding companies of I67,127 hectares for $7,239,784.66. This worth ($I8 an acre) was excessive for the most effective agricultural land in the Philippines.’ The curiosity on this sum of cash at six per cent would amount to twice what the friars had been getting for leases. But it was the most effective that could possibly be done, and eliminating this land trouble would have been low cost at twice the value. While this was an immense reduction to the American officials, the real nervousness of the Filipinos centered upon the expulsion of the friars. He advised the substitution of the Spanish friars by native, overseas, or American monks. The Pope refused to vow to withdraw the friars inside any fixed period for he didn’t want to become concerned in a dispute with Spain. A promise was made however to introduce clergy from different countries steadily, and not to return the friars to the parishes.

The labor and the material alike have been persuaded, and if necessary, compelled from the Filipinos, it’s true, but this was not a violation of the ethics of that day, when the difficulty of enslaving a topic race had not been raised anywhere in the world. The friars share the glory, too, for the tons of of miles 7David P. THE SPANISH REGIME 79 Enormous as was their energy, the friars could not have made the rapid progress they did with out the help of the robust arm of the government. By a system often known as the encomienda a Spaniard was given a grant of land as huge, usually, as a few villages or a small island.

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The plan outlined in I863, which was mentioned above, reads nicely and was meant well; that it was not carried out was the fault of the friars. del Rosario,2 “was actually anxious that all Filipinos ought to speak the Spanish language, as it’s understood that using a common language is the only factor that may protect and 19o3 Census-vol. III, p. 594. LAYMEN WHO HAVE MET THE TEST 275 pains to know and share their thoughts, they reply fairly as complete-heartedly. Rev. James L. Hooper, after a series of evangelistic conferences close to Manila in 1922, expressed his conviction that the one great outstanding hindrance to younger folks changing into out-and-out evangelical Christians was the opposition of their parents. The little children perceive the difference between the church buildings, they’re absolutely in earnest, they consider that the decision of their country as well as of Christ is for them to turn out to be members of the Protestant communions. But for them to take action means an incredible sacrifice-the sacrifice of the affection of their parents. Miss Marguerite M. Decker tells of a boy named Eustaquio, whose pathetic tale illustrates all that’s involved in parental ostracism.