Tree Planting Activity & Community Outreach


The Tree planting activity conducted by CENRO last June 25, 2012 at Brgy Upper Marilog District, Davao City was supported and participated by DOK ALTERNATIBO Davao Branch with more than 100 participants attended from different Departments & Organizations of the government entities. The 24-K survivors from Davao, joined and participated the said activity and gave their full support together with the staffs of Dok Alternatibo in Davao; Dok Vince Lambac, DMNH and Charissa Bastasa, NHC.


Dok Alternatibo representatives stated that this is not going to be the last time that they will join this kind of goodwill activity but for the coming days & years as well. They also stated that they will always be ready to support any kind of good will acitivities.


Dok Alternatibo team also held a free-seminar to the group and residence of Brgy. Upper Kibalang, they educate them on how to become successful in their life while having your own business, they inform them on how to recover their illnesses using only the alternative medicines of Dok Alternatibo. People were entertained with the new knowledge that they gained through Dok Vince who gave his inputs to the participants.


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