The Happy and Thankful Face of Cornelio Dagaas Sr.

I am Cornelio Dagaas Sr. living in Brgy. Hinaplanon, Iligan City.  Before, I used to have hypertensionarthritis and kidney stone problem due to the flood brought by Typhoon Sendong in our place here in Iligan.  I used to maintain many synthetic medicines before but instead of curing my diseases those were just got my situation worsen which made me weaker each day.

Luckily I found out about Dok Alternatibo thru their programs that I heard over the radio,  I went to their clinic right away and joined their seminars.  I was convinced with their advocacies so I tried their Dok “F” Formula and thank God I am now in good condition and my illnesses now were totally gone.   I can say that the products of Dok Alternatibo are so effective. I did not regret my decision and all the money that I’ve spent in their way of medication. In fact I still continue using Dok Alternatibo products for my health maintenance today. And now, I am one of the active members of their Livelihood Program.

I am receiving monthly training and pairing incentives for my effort.   The only thing that I can say to all the people who are suffering from different illnesses or diseases is to simply believe that there will be always hope especially for the hopeless – Dok Alternatibo is one of the answers for all of my prayer. I am very happy and thankful to God because he granted my needs enable to be totally cured from my diseases.