Patient and Doctor

Celsa Batac, 70 years old from Taytay Hills, Bogo City, Cebu

I had this very hard experience before that was prior to my discovery of Dok Alternatibo here in Bogo City, because before I used to be constipated and I could make a bowel movement within four days. I’ve gone through different well known hospitals in Metro Cebu for medical doctor’s check-up and took a lot of prescribed medicines from them but still the same, my constipation was not healed. Until, I decided to go home to Bogo City and that is the time I have known Dok Alternatibo through a friend.  Last November 28, 2011, I was being checked-up, they made recommendations, and then immediately I undergo one (1) week of cleansing. Luckily, after the cleansing program, I suffered no more and above all my bowel movement back to its normal condition.

This is the statement of Mrs. Celsa Batac, 70 years old residing at Taytay Hills, Bogo City, Cebu during her interview with Dok Junifer Buytrago DMNH. She narrated her experience of going through different doctors finding solution of her bowel movement problem. This is the whole statement of Mrs. Batac:

“Indeed, I am disgusted to all the doctors and their prescribed medicines to me and the last doctor gave up telling me I already gave you the strongest pill yet nothing has change, you are still constipated. They say, I will try to eat fruits as lubricant and drink milk, still nothing has change. Until I came in Dok Alternatibo, I followed their formula of one (1) week cleansing, a week of fasting and thank God my bowel movement back to normal. I came back after a week then dok Joseph gave me recommendation that I need to maintain like fulvic mineral, activated charcoal, colon cleanse, B-complex and my water therapy.

Today, I have a very normal bowel movement. I felt the satisfaction only here at Dok Alternatibo. So, I invite everyone specially those who have the same case as mine, stop doubting and do not hesitate to go to the nearest Dok Alternatibo in your place.

You have just read the whole statement of Mrs. Celsa Batac, 70 years old, presently residing at Taytayan Hills, Bogo City, Cebu.

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