Dok Alternatibo Business School is now the leading school in terms of innovation, equipped with teaching and coaching methods beneficial for students to enhance not only their technical skills but as well as their life skills. Since 2013 it has grown to become a powerhouse of quality, skilled, talented and successful graduates. It has produced hundreds of scholars in partnership with 1ASAPPP Movement.  In charity while doing trade, 1ASAPPP Movement reaches out to students who want to achieve more but have lesser financial resources. The school aims to multiply not only in number but also in areas that are helpful for students to become at the top of their health, career, relationship, wealth and success.

The quality of education that this school is offering is more than what others schools are offering. We go beyond the teaching of the books because we believe that realities and experiences in life are more valuable teachers. With enhanced expertise and life-changing trainings and coaching led by holistic health/life coach and inventor Dok Ed Delibo, the future of successful young people is as bright as the morning sun. Visit Dok Alternatibo Business School at Prime Business Complex, Brgy. Tiguman, Digos City as it now offers complete elementary education, Senior Highschool and Technocal-Vocational Courses, and in 2018 college programs. Enroll now and become part of successful, wealthy and happy people.