Drop for life..

Big things are composed of small  things. Thousands of people have already been intrigued by Fulvic Mineral, the healthy drops that saved a thousand lives. It is a potent herbal and natural product from plants and herbs invented by  Dok Ed Delibo. For 10 years, Fulvic Mineral has been an amazing solution to fight hypertension, diabetes and untimely death of cells. Our body, as we know it, is composed of trillions of cells. These cells die when we consume too much toxins and chemicals that can even  lead to cancer. Fulvic Mineral is powerful food for the cell as lauded by the Department of Science and Technology. It is also a vital part of Dok Alternatibo’s Cleansing and Detoxification Program. Biodisc water and cinnamon are also special components of Fulvic Mineral.  Nelina Neneria, 55 years old from Tagbilaran, Bohol, in an interview she said “I suffered from diabetes for a long time, my eyes and kidneys were affected and I also spent a lot of money for my hospitalization and drug maintenance. A neighbor gave me a bottle of Fulvic Mineral so I tried using it and eventually my blood sugar level dropped. That was great! Today I stopped my maintenance and turned to holistic healing.”

Fulvic Mineral is exclusively available only in all centers of Dok Alternatibo nationwide. For bulk orders, inquiries and membership dial 0917-206-7707/ 0923-733-054 and 0949-784-2162. Be healed and choose LIFE.