Perhaps you already heard about the giant phar
maceuticals run and operated to generate diseases. By taking your medications prescribed by your doctors, you earn more disease than cure. Studies show that people who are more than 60 years old take 10-20 capsules, tablets and other synthetic drugs. Drugs help for a while yet the lasting side-effects they cause are irreparable. Kidney failure and liver diseases are often the results of these medications. Millions already died and only few people stood up for alternative medicine and natural cure. Although Chinese medicine and other herbal therapy are becoming known to digital age, the governments kept blind on the real damage of synthetic drugs. For more than 10 years, Dok Alternatibo created a formula that helped thousands of Filipinos and even foreigners who sought for lasting and holistic cure. What is then the meaning of holistic healing? Whatever our religion, we believe that the body is more than just its physicality and flesh. We have emotions and mental capacity that are sometimes get vexed by the stressors around us. 1 in every 3 cancer patients get healed because of placebo effect or faith in something even unseen. In holistic healing, it’s more than a cure of the body but the complete restoration of the other important facets of our humanness. Stress, sadness, depression, anger and negative emotions positively create cancerous results. These emotions are not healed by medicine but often only suppressed. 7 days holistic healing is a guaranteed rejuvenation, be free from stress, disease and drugs. Join NOW. Visit