Join me in this quest for holistic healing. This manuscript paves the way to a unique journey in man’s search for freedom, meaning of life and the never-ending quest for healing. You will be introduced to things that you may perceive to be new, obscured, contradictory, unacceptable and sometimes inconvenient.

Have you experienced being chained? Have you been trapped in a labyrinth? Imagine yourself being chained, imprisoned and trapped. It is in our bondage that we can truly value FREEDOM. Mankind has been trapped in this topsy-turvy world. We may be captives of POVERTY, SADNESS, FAILURES, SICKNESS, PRESSURES, and DEPRESSION. The question hangs how to break free and take action so you can be RICH, HAPPY, SUCCESSFUL, HEALTHY and FREE?

I am very excited to share to you my discovery on freedom, life’s meaning and healing. Join me and appreciate the fruit of success. Read this book and be FREE.  In going through this journey, we should go back to the basic and grass roots. It is a proven and accepted philosophy that man is powerful and that man is a generator of power.

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Some Reviews:


“There is LIFE in this Book.”

Clovis Jones Louis C. Sabornido, MPA, RREA
Chief Operations Officer (COO) – DACORP Group of Companies
National Vice Chairman – 1ASAPPP Movement
Real Estate Practitioner


“Holistic healing means taking an holistic approach when seeking treatment for imbalances and choosing to live a more balanced lifestyle. What primarily distinguishes holistic healing apart from alternative medicine, complementary medicine, and integrative medicine is that physical health is not necessarily the main focus. Even so, it is often the experience of physical discomfort that will first prompt a person’s pursuit of holistic healing.It is true that our pains and other physical discomforts demand our attention.”

“Holistic or “wholistic” healing for me addresses all parts of the individual, not just the physical aspect of a person where manifested illnesses are most apparent. On my own point of view,Holistic healing is not intended to serve as a band-aid or a one time fix. It is an ongoing journey of discovery in search of more answers and ultimately; living better, being healthier, and striving for wholeness.”

“Holistic healing is really a lifestyle approach. The holistic approach goes far beyond the Mind-Body connection of finding and maintaining wellness. Overall wellness AND “wholeness” is highly valued.”

Dok Elizabeth B. Tabada, RN, MAN, DMNH
Rejuvenation Treatment Program Head/Health Coach and Lecturer


“How grateful am I having read this book “A Coaching on Holistic Healing ” it does really changed my life, my old mindset has changed into positively looking forward for good not only myself but for others. Its coaching personally is for me very practical and beneficial especially on natural cures and alternative healing.”

“And to those who have not yet read this book, I can promise you one thing after reading this . . . You will not be the same. well I congratulate you in advance for having the courage to read it. By purchasing this book you have shown that you are concerned with your well being and health and as well as with your family and friends.”

Jorge A. Galiza
Distribution Head for Luzon


“This book is “Amazing” and I find it would change your life beautifully and become successful both in health and wealth. I am greatly inspired of the brilliance of this No.1 best selling author, he has indeed a true and real life coach in a twist-holistically. “Inventor Dok Ed” is a model of success, a person of inspiration-Godspeed to you.”

Winston Ampoloquio
Luzon Area Supervisor


“This book is truly amazing. It reveals the TRUTH behind all conventional practices that we used to follow. I highly encourage everyone to read and internalize all the words written here as it will surely change your outlook in life. Dok Ed’s experiences and words of wisdom are worth to ponder. I never regret in spending my time reading this factual book as I was enlightened for so many secrets unveiled in our society today. I hope second edition is coming right away.”

Jonica Eva Tiongco
Website Content Manager