“I have been operated in my kidney, I had prostate and heart enlargement, hypertension and arthritis. In 2015 I decided to try Dok Alternatibo. The moment I tried the products I already felt better as evidenced in my good sleep. I also tried Vitamin C infusion and after that I can walk straight and well. I felt so relieved in Rejuvenation Treatment and Coaching Program and I am so well. I had a bad experience with surgeries as I had anesthesia overdose and my health got worse and I couldn’t urinate well and I would never want any surgery. In here, I feel so great. The food and staff are amazing. The pools are good and the Coaching taught us well. I fell active and alert. I thank Dok Ed. God certainly used you to heal us.”

Rodolfo Delos Reyes, 71 years old from Valencia, Bukidnon