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“I had a Kidney failure; I admit I possess complex diseases. I have trouble with my cholesterol level, heart problem and diabetes which I suffered for six years; what a pitiful life I had for the last six years. At first, it was merely a UTI (urinary tract infection) problem but after I went to my doctor for check-up, she found out that a cyst grown in my Kidney. I felt so weak most of the time, we went to our doctor back and forth but still there was no good result. If I am not mistaken it took us eleven (11) years before we finally had a child; maybe because of my illnesses.”

“We unanimously decided to try Dok Alternatibo and thank God I recovered from many diseases and gave birth to a child. Yes, I gave birth to our very own child after I undergone the cleansing formula of Dok Alternatibo. Honestly, if it is not because of Dok Alternatibo maybe we (me and my husband) cannot have a child, of course, with the help and mercy of our Almighty Father; a true blessing from God. I mean look at my son (handling and proudly carrying him).”

“I would like to say thank you to Dok Alternatibo for being an instrument in resolving my health concern especially my Kidney failure and above all for helping us regain our healthy body, teaching us healthy lifestyle and let us have to raise a child.”

“My message to everyone, please do not hesitate to go to the nearest Dok Alternatibo in your place and throw away your fears, leave your doubts because only at Dok Alternatibo that I recovered from many diseases and now I finally having a healthy child.”

“I am Elsa Labora of Jumaw-as Street, Digos City. I am 37 years old.”