The first in Asia and only in the Philippines, holistic healing through Rejuvenation Treatment and Coaching Program of the country’s leading holistic health advocate. Holistic health is defined as the wellness of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being which are important components of a healthy and happy life. For 10 years, this has been the advocacy of multi-awarded inventor, Asia’s holistic heaing and life coach Dok Ed Delibo. According to him “Hudreds of people have been healed by the Rejuvenation Treatment Program and now we are transitioning to a higher degree of healing, that is to heal the other aspects of life that pull us down. We transformed to Rejuvenation Treatment and Coaching Program to help other people find cure for sadness, poverty, laziness, anger and other emotional and psychological barricades that hinder their physical and financial progress.” This Rejuvenation and Coaching Program combined is a perfect approch to achieve maximum health and optimum happiness. Visit the nearest Dok Alternatibo Center nationwide to avail the numerous benefits prepared for you.