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“My health problems were Fatty Liver and my lungs it contained water. When I was admitted I was not totally healed because I could still feel short breathing and my body is still weak.”

“When I heard about Dok Alternatibo where they air many testimonies that they’re able to recover from their diseases I also tried last year 2010 here in the previous address of Dok Alternatibo Davao Herbal Product outlet and avail the Combo Package good for seven days consumption. The moment I started and finished the seven days formulation it seems like my diseases gradually gone. I could breathe easily now and my body is not weak anymore. I could already do some exercise like jogging.”

“After taking the formula I started to attend seminars they are conducting and I learned that the reason why there are many foods they are forbidding during the seven days healing it’s because the cause of diseases is the food itself.  Until now I am not eating all those foods they are forbidding me to eat because I don’t want to experience once again the pain I felt before. I am grateful to God because I am now enjoying healthy living without experiencing any ailment.”

“It has been three (3) years I’ve been using Dok Alternatibo products and I am not taking any synthetic medicines anymore.”

“For those who are experiencing complicated and serious diseases come and try Dok Alternatibo way of treatment so that you’ll also experience the recovery we attain here.”

“I am Sabino Abarquez from Bansalan, Davao del Sur, 63 years old.”