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“I had what they call Psoriasis or skin disorder. I never had that before for 80 years, I think it’s related to the tropical climate being here, I am not really used to the climate. I went to a Dermatologist in Dumaguete and spend a lot of money on pharmaceuticals that didn’t do good.”

“It is much improved more than a couple of months now since I took the Cleansing diet good for 7 days. Every morning I take 1 litre of water with Calmansi (Lemon) and Fulvic Minerals (describing the Dok F logo). I take it quite regularly now and sometimes added to my drink like honey and molasses with the powder b-complex.”

“I never had it before (Psoriasis) maybe for about 15 months I suffered and it is much improved today. My arms they were all reddish before, I had it in my legs as well but it seems like it all goes down, it was worse on my legs but I think it is improving.”

“ I’ve always been an active supporter of alternative medicines. I’m not a very big proponent of western medicines unless it is for surgery or something that is really necessary because 99% of the Doctors at least in the United States and most probably here in the Philippines they don’t know about nutrition because they are only given maybe 6 weeks to 6 months of coursing nutrition out of 8 years of schooling so how can they know anything about it. That’s my opinion.”

“To everyone only try out any Alternative Medicines that you can find these things have done me a lot of good so I recommend that you should give it a try. It’s certainly worth of better health.”

“My name is Bob Crandall and I’m from the Bay Area of Northern California.”