What is Rejuvenation Treatment Program or RTCP?

Ever heard of Rejuvenation Treatment and Coaching Program (RTCP)? It is the latest innovation in health as it propels no surgery, no synthetic drugs and no pain treatment. It combines natural and holistic healing through alternative medicine approved by Food and Drug Administration and its products recognized by the Department of Science and Technology.

Since 2007, Dok Alternatibo engaged in natural healing procedures and it advanced into Rejuvenation Treatment and Coaching Program. For 10 years, its founder and current CEO Dok Ed Delibo remains a staunch advocate of a disease-free, drug-free society. His works and achievements speak for themselves with the numerous people from all over the globe affirm healing from cancer and degenerative diseases.

Diseases healed through Rejuvenation Treatment and Coaching Program cover not only physical illnesses but as well as mental and emotional challenges. Depression kills as much as the fast food industry takes the lives of millions. Rejuvenation Treatment fights stress hormones and propagates serotonin, the neurotransmitter which causes happiness. This is not magic, not even a miracle. It is Rejuvenation Treatment and Coaching Program that allows the healing of the mind, body and spirit. Break free from the bondage of diseases. There is hope and a solution, we’ll gladly share with you.

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